Air Conditioners

Everyone should feel comfortable in their home, but it’s difficult to feel truly comfortable when your house feels like an oven in the summertime. Feeling fresh, happy, and healthy in the summer starts with a cool home where you can really relax and take respite from the harsh outdoor heat. Browse our wide selection of central air conditioning units to find the right fit to keep you feeling cool this summer!

A long-standing and well-trusted HVAC manufacturer, Trane offers quality systems with long life spans and excellent energy efficiency. Reliable, economical, and high-quality are just a few words to describe an air conditioning unit made by Trane. As energy-efficient and strongly-constructed units, families have been trusting Trane to keep their homes cool for many years.

Daikin offers an air conditioning system fit for each individual home and the unique family who lives there. Whether you’re looking for energy efficiency, affordability, or modernity in your unit, Daikin’s got you covered. With one of the longest warranties in the industry (up to twelve years of coverage) it’s not hard to see why Daikin is a beloved and trusted brand!

As one of the longest-running HVAC manufacturers in the world, Lennox has been making quality and groundbreaking systems since they first introduced the riveted-steel furnace to the world in 1895. Since then, Lennox has taken pride in upholding the values of hard work, professionalism, and care. With an array of different units to best fit the needs of the families they manufacture for, Lennox is still one of the world’s favourite HVAC manufacturers over 125 years later.