Therm Series

Get proven reliability with the Therm Series tankless water heaters.

  • Ultra low NOx Certified
  • Non-condensing up to 24 units
  • Available in NG and LP configurations
  • Digital display for accurate temperature setting

Meet the Therm Series

Operating with a UEF up to .92, the Therm models economically provide hot water on demand. Our tankless water heaters are wall-mounted to save space and only use gas to heat the water when there is a demand. Innovative features that ensure maximum performance to provide virtually endless hot water.

Therm 940 ES

The 940 ES, our highest capacity non-condensing model was designed to meet the demands of busy households, and offers premium features you expect from Bosch. This model can be installed almost anywhere thanks to its sealed combustion and dual-fan technology.

Therm 830 ES

The 830 ES is another new model from Bosch that offers advanced software, safety and precision controls but requires only 175,000 BTU/Hr input. The 830 ES is ideal for busy households yet is also designed to support Intelligent Cascading, up to 24 units for larger homes.

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