The SUZ Universal Heat Pump is a single-zone outdoor unit compatible with five different indoor unit types in a 1-to-1 configuration. This high-efficiency heat pump is compatible with MLZ EZ FIT Ceiling Cassettes, SLZ Four-way Ceiling Cassettes, SVZ Multi-position Air Handlers, SEZ Low Static intelli-AIR™ Ducted Solutionss, and PEAD Mid Static intelli-AIR™ Ducted Solutionss.
  • Capacities: 9,000 to 36,000 BTU/H
  • Sound: as low as 48 dB(A)
  • SEER: up to 22.4
  • HSPF: up to 13.6
  • COP: up to 4.2
  • ENERGY STAR®: most systems

Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Technology

Mitsubishi Electric mini-splits consist of an outdoor condensing unit that uses two refrigerant lines to connect as many as eight indoor units, providing better, more customizable temperature control for a single zone or throughout your entire home.

Mitsubishi Electric INVERTER-driven compressor in the outdoor units restricts energy use to exactly what is needed to cool or heat an area, so you get ultra-efficiency.

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