S9V2 Gas Furnace


Industry-leading efficiency

The S9V2 furnace boasts an impressive 96% AFUE, making it one of the most efficient furnaces in the industry. Sit back, stay warm, and enjoy lower utility use in the winter and summer.


Groundbreaking structural design

The S9V2’s furnace cabinet is designed to accommodate nearly any home, and is certified to be airtight to less than 1%.


Variable speed means consistent comfort

The variable-speed airflow gives you a steady and precise flow of warm air, so your home is heated at the temperature you need.


Quick and quiet

The S9V2’s variable speed blower motor allows for quieter system startups and shutdowns, which can create more efficiency.

Technical Specs

Heating Stages: Two
AFUE: 96%
ENERGY STAR® qualified: Yes

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