Mitsubishi MSZ/MUZ-FH

The MOST Efficient & Comfort Ductless Heat Pump You Can Buy

The innovative 8-element 3D i-see Sensor from Mitsubishi Electric continuously scans the entire room and divides it into 752 zones, detects exactly where you and your families are located based on your unique body temperature and analyzes the difference between your body temperature and that of the air around you. With this thermal analysis, it then directs the perfect amount of heating or cooling towards those who need it most. And when you leave the room, it automatically switches into energy-saving mode to help save you money.

The Hyper-Heat FH-series provides excellent heating performance down to -25º C / -13º F, continually operates on even the coldest of Canadian winter days. FH series are the only air to air ductless heat pump works perfectly in Canada.

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  • Variable Compressor Speed Inverter (VCSi) technology –VCSi System automatically adjusts the compressor capacity up and down to match the indoor heating and cooling demand by continually detecting room temperatures swing. By using only the power required to cover the heat gain and heat loss, your energy bill are reduced significantly and your rooms are maintained a consistent temperature year around.
  • Energy rating of up to 30.5 Seer–significant energy savings.
  • Energy rating of up to 30.5 Seer–significant energy savings.


  • Low-Ambient Hyper Heating —generates 80% of full heating capacity at -25° C/ -13°F, continually operating on even the coldest of Canadian winter days.
  • Nano Platinum Air Filtration System—contains Platinum Catalyst, and with the advantaged nano-technology, it effectively removes the four major air pollutants that re leading causes of illness – bacteria, viruses, allergens and dust. As it improves the air quality of your home, it also deodorizes the air, so every breath you take smells clean and fresh.​
  • Fuzzy Logic “I Feel” Mode for comfort cooling—imagine a system that understands you. This one memorizes your ideal settings and recalls them whenever you turn on the air conditioner.
  • Natural Flow & Double Vane–The most important part in creating “healthy” airflow is that the flow on air feels natural. The highly articulated Double Vane technology separates the air flow in the left and right directions to deliver airflow not only across a wide area of the room, but also simultaneously toward two people in different locations. ​ If you are in need of immediate heating or cooling, it can send the airflow directly towards you to help you feel comfortable sooner. Or if you prefer a more subtle heating or cooling sensation, Indirect Airflow setting maintains a comfortable environment around you at all times.
  • Up to 150 ° Wide Airflow—combined with 5-step horizontal and vertical vane control, you can adjust the airflow to 42 different patterns, reaching as far as 39 ft from the unit.
  • Wireless Remote Control—you control your comfort with the touch of a button, without even getting out of your chair.
  • 24 Hour ON/OFF Timer—saves energy costs by setting the unit to turn off when you’re not around and start up just before you get back.
  • Super-Quiet Operation—indoor unit sound levels as low as 22 dB(A), and outdoor unit sound levels as low as 48 dB(A).
  • Auto Change Over Between Cooling & Heating.


Model Indoor Unit MSZ-FH09NA MSZ-FH12NA MSZ-FH15NA
Capacity (Rated) Cooling Btu/h 9000 12000 15000
Capacity (Min~Max) Btu/h 1700~12000 2500~13600 6450~19000
Capacity (Rated) Heating 47°F Btu/h 10900 13600 18000
Capacity (Min~Max) Btu/h 1600~18000 3700~21000 5150~24000
Capacity (Rated) Heating 17°F Btu/h 6700 8000 11000
Capacity (Min~Max) Btu/h 12200 13600 18000
Capacity (Max) Heating @ 5°F Btu/h 10900 13600 18000
Cooling W 560 (100~1000) 870 (170~1150) 1200 (4102200)
Rated (Min~Max) Heating @47° W 710 (110~1470) 950 (280~2300) 1300 (430~3360)
Rated (Max) Heating @17°F W 600 (1440) 720 (1900) 1020 (2480)
EER Cooling 16.1 13.8 12.5
SEER Cooling 30.5 26.1 22
HSPF (IV) Heating 12.5 11.5 11
Capacity Control Variable Speed Compressor
Refrigerant R-410A
Power Supply V,Phase,Hz 208/230,1,60
Moisture Removal Pints/h 0.6 1.9 4
Air Flow (Quiet-Lo-Med-Hi-Super Hi) CFM Dry 137-167-221-304-381 137-167-221-304-398 225-262-304-355-411
Sound Indoor (Quiet-Lo-Med-Hi-Super Hi) Cooling dB(A) 20-23-29-36-40 21-24-29-36-42 27-31-35-39-44
Sound Indoor Cooling dB(A) 48 49 51
Max. Fuse Size Indoor A 15 15 20
Time Delay Outdoor A 15 15 20
Min. Ampacity Outdoor A 1 1 1
11 11 16
Fan Speed
7(Auto, Powerful, uperHi, Hi, Med, Low, Quiet)
Horizontal AirFlow Direction Manual, Swing
Vertical AirFlow Direction Left Vane & Right Vane (Auto, Manual, Swing)
Air Filters (Washable) 3 (Nano Platinum air filter, Anti-allergy enzyme filter, Deodorizing filter)
Dimension Indoor In 12-11/16 x 36-7/16 x 9-3/16
(H x W x D) Outdoor In 21-5/8×31-1/2×11-1/4 34-5/8×33-1/16×13
Weight Indoor Lbs 29 29 29
Outdoor Lbs 81 83 124
Pipe Size Liq. X Gas In 1/4 x 3/8 1/4 x 1/2
Max. Height Difference Ft 40 50
Max. Pipe Length Ft 65 100
Outdoor Operating Range Cooling 14-115°FDB
Heating ***-13 – 75°FDB (-15 – 65°FWB)***
Control Features 3D i-see Sensor – Econo Cool – Powerful Mode – Smart Set – Natural Flow – Direct/Indirect AirFlow – Absence Detection – Wide AirFlow

Warranty Information

Spring Home is qualified to be Mitsubishi Electrical Qualification (MEQ) dealer, therefore Mitsubishi Electrical will upgrade the standard warranty (5-year parts and 7-year compressor) to an extended 10-year parts and 10-year compressor warranty when your Mr. Slim M-Series system is installed by Spring Home Heating and Cooling Systems Inc.

NOTE: Please refer to manufacturer and Spring Home Warranty Terms and Conditions for details.