Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit

Today’s residential HRVs are rated from 70% up to over 90% recovery efficiency. Air flow capacities are rated from 60CFM to over 200CFM. High efficiency HRV normally has two cores (heat exchanger).

Optional controllers, including timers, digital wall controls, and programmable wall controls, offer enhanced capabilities for your ventilation system.



Home Comfort

  • Provides outdoor cleaner and fresher air to indoor
  • Exhausts indoor stale and contaminated air to outdoor
  • Transfers heat from indoor air to incoming outdoor air in order to save energy

How Does It work

  • HRV moves stale and contaminated air from inside of your house to outdoor. At the same time HRV draws fresh and clean air from outside and distribute it to throughout your house. Contaminated and stale air is constantly being replaced by same amount of fresh clean outdoor air.
  • Indoor polluted and stale air doesn’t mix with incoming outdoor fresh and clean air. When two air streams pass through the heat exchange core in HRVs or ERVs, the heat is transferred from indoor air to outdoor air, the outdoor cold air is heated by the exhausted indoor air, energy is recoverred.
  • In summer, HRV and ERV work in reverse–cold exhaust air cools down the outdoor warm fresh air, to keep your home fresh and cool.
  • Updated HRV controller is able to control the HRV by indoor relative humidity(RH) level or time program.
  • Three types of installation are available-dedicate, semi-dedicate and simplify.

Warranty Information

Lennox provides limited 5 years warranty on covered components (filter is exclusive).

Spring Home provides limited 5 years labor warranty on covered components (filter is exclusive).

NOTE: Please refer to manufacturer and Spring Home Warranty Terms and Conditions for details.