Fujitsu 9-30R

Single Zone Ductless Heat Pump



Energy Efficiency

  • Inverter Control allows the outdoor compressor to change its capacity automatically to match the heat gain and heat loss detected by of the indoor unit. Thus, the Inverter technology can save you 30% operation cost than conventional models.
  • Energy Rating is up to 23 Seer.

Home Comfort

  • Heat pump provides cooling in summer and heating in winter with low ambient at -18 C Degree.
  • Clean Air—These systems feature both an Apple-Catechin Filter and an Ion Deodorizing Filter. The Apple-Catechin Filter absorbs dust, mold spores and microorganisms by static electricity. Growth is inhibited and deactivated by the polyphenol ingredient extracted from apples. The Ion Deodorizing Filter deodorizes by powerfully decomposing absorbed odors using the oxidizing and reducing effects of ions generated by the ultra-fine particle ceramic.
  • Wireless Remote Controller—is at your fingertips with the standard wireless remote controller.
  • 24 Hours Timer—allows for one on/off cycle during a 24 hour period.
  • Super-Quiet Operation—indoor unit is as low as 21 dB(A), outdoor unit is as low as 48 dB(A).
  • Auto Changeover between heating and cooling.

Warranty Information

Fujitsu Warranty–Limited 2-year parts and 6-year compressor warranty, or 5-year parts and 7-year
compressor warranty depends on model number.

Spring Home Warranty–1-year limited labor warranty

NOTE: Please refer to manufacturer and Spring Home Warranty Terms and Conditions for details.