DX5SE Single Stage Air Conditioner

Whole House Air Conditioner

When properly matched and installed, your DX5SE offers up to 17 SEER2 performance. In many applications, the efficiency of your DX5SE can be enhance by using it in conjunction with a Daikin brand gas furnace that includes a variable-speed blower motor. This unit features a powder-paint finish with premium durability and excellent UV protection. Supports the 2023 DOE Energy Conservation Standards.

  • Up to 17 SEER2 home air conditioner with a high-efficiency scroll compressor and new fan system that enhances airflow.
  • Supports the 2023 DOE Energy Conservation Standards.
Compressor Type High-Efficiency Scroll
Price Tier $$


  • High-efficiency Copeland® scroll compressor
  • Advanced Copeland® CoreSense™ Technology
  • Copper tube/enhanced aluminum fin coil -5mm diameter on 1.5-3.0T
  • High-density foam compressor sound blanket
  • Factory-installed filter drier
  • High- and low-pressure switches
  • Service valves with sweat connections and easy access to gauge ports
  • Fully charged for 15’ of tubing length
  • AHRI Certified; ETL Listed
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