By Pass Humidifier

By Pass Humidifier provides the most economical indoor RH solution. It works with your furnace or air handler that delivers moisture through air supply duct. The capacity is up to 17 Gal per day.



Home Comfort

  • Increases indoor RH (Relative Humidity) level for optimal home comfort in winter
  • Minimizes problems caused by dry indoor air, like chapped skin and lips, scratchy nose and throat, static and sparks…

How Does It Work

  • Bypass humidifier works with your heating furnace or air handler, it should be electrically interlocked with Furnace or air handler blower.
  • When humidistat senses the indoor RH level is lower than the set point, it turns on the solenoid valve and water flows into the humidifier evaporator pad, at the same time, air from furnace or air handler blows air through the humidifier evaporator pad to distribute moisture through duct system.
  • Hot water can be used to boost the output.

Warranty Information

Most of manufacturers provide 5 years limited warranty on covered components (evaporate pad is exclusive).

Spring Home provides 1 year limited labor warranty on covered components.

NOTE: Please refer to manufacturer and Spring Home Warranty Terms and Conditions for details.