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Spring Home Heating & Cooling has been providing ductless repair & maintenance services in Toronto for over 15 years.

Ductless air conditioners and heat pumps are a reliable source of home cooling, and as long as they are maintained annually and serviced as needed, you can depend on them to keep you cool for quite some time. Whether it’s service or repair, it’s important to have your ductless cooling systems maintained annually, even if there is nothing noticeably wrong with them, to ensure they are running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Every type of home comfort equipment has several moving parts and components inside, and ductless air conditioners and heat pumps are no different. One of the main differences is that ductless systems have mechanical components both inside and outside your home that need to be serviced and maintained. There are various air handlers located throughout your home that are responsible for dispersing the cool air. Then outside your home, there is a condenser unit, similar to those used by central air systems, that is responsible for exhausting the heat from inside your home and generating the cool air for the air handlers to disperse.

At Spring Home, we make a point of only carrying the most reliable and reputable ductless air conditioners and heat pumps on the market because we believe our customers deserve the best. That being said, even high-quality equipment requires maintenance, and if it isn’t properly cared for, it will eventually need to be repaired. Scheduling annual maintenance from licensed HVAC technicians is the best way to keep your ductless unit running at its best and avoid the need for repairs, but sometimes even well-maintained ductless systems need the odd repair or service to ensure they’re running efficiently.

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    When will your ductless air conditioning need service or repairs?

    If your ductless air conditioning unit or heat pump stops adequately cooling your home, it’s likely due to one of the following problems:

    Refrigerant leaks

    Unless you’re a licensed technician it can be hard to recognize the mechanical signs of a refrigerant leak, but you’ll likely notice it in terms of your home comfort. If your ductless system isn’t cooling your home like it used to, it could be a sign that your system has a refrigerant leak.  

    Dirty components

    Over time, dust, dirt, and grime can accumulate inside the air handlers and condenser unit that make up your ductless cooling system. Dirty components can restrict the transfer of heat and keep your system from adequately cooling your home. Dirty filters can restrict the airflow to your system and force it to work harder.

    Wear & tear

    As your system ages, so too will the components within it, especially if it isn’t maintained properly. Minor problems that are ignored can quickly turn into major issues and even lead to total system failures if left unrepaired for a long time.

    Faulty control board

    Ductless air conditioners and heat pumps have several control boards, and on occasion, one or more of them can fail and cause the system to malfunction.

    Improper installation

    Although ductless systems are relatively easy to install if you are a licensed professional, improper installation is one of the leading causes of malfunction. They are a relatively new technology, and not all companies have experience with their installation, which is why it’s essential to ensure you work with an experienced and reputable company.

    What to expect during your maintenance appointment?

    Every system requires a slightly different process when it comes to service and repair, but we always complete the following during every ductless maintenance appointment;


    Our technicians will ensure your filter, coils, blower, and the internal mechanisms of your indoor and outdoor components are clean inside and out. A clean system is an efficient system, and dirt and grime can lead to flow and heat transfer-related issues.


    Refrigerant leaks can be hard to detect without the proper knowledge and experience, and even then, the only way to know your system is truly leak-free is with the proper detection equipment.

    Drain Lines

    Clogged drain lines can lead to several problems if left uncleared that can negatively impact your system’s ability to heat and cool your home. Clearing those lines ensures your system can run at its best all season long.

    Electrical diagnostic

    Only licensed technicians should inspect and test your system’s electrical components, which is why it’s a step that is always on our maintenance checklist. This stage of the inspection can reveal faulty control boards or minor short circuits and faulty connections that could lead to serious problems.

    Installation inspection

    Faulty installation can cause several issues. Our technicians will check that your system has been installed level and according to code to ensure your system will last as long as possible and make the appropriate adjustments if necessary.

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