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There’s a reason why Spring Home is considered one of the best providers for ducted heat pump service, installation, maintenance, and repair in the Greater Toronto Area! At Spring Home, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality ducted heat pump equipment as well as reliable and efficient service. Our technicians are expertly trained and licensed to provide the best care possible with respect to our customers, their homes, and their HVAC systems. A quality ducted heat pump can make your home significantly more comfortable and peaceful, and we don’t take that lightly; we strive for perfection in our products and installation to offer only the best to our customers!

What Is A Heat Pump?

What makes a heat pump unique is that it can provide both cooling and heating throughout your home through one system! Instead of having both a furnace and an air conditioner, you have just one outdoor condenser unit connected to several indoor air handlers that disperse the warm or cool air throughout your home. A heat pump works in one of two ways depending on the season:

In The Summer

Heat pumps use refrigerants to pull heat from your household air, expelling it outside. 

In The Winter

Heat pumps pull heat from the fresh air outside to transfer it into your home.

ducted heat pump

Is a Ducted Heat Pump Right For Your Home? 

If you have pre existing ductwork throughout your home and you’re looking for a system to provide comfortable heating and cooling, a ducted heat pump may just be the right fit for you. Ducted heat pumps are largely considered to be one of the most energy and cost-efficient ways of cooling and heating your home, and can be used for either primary or supplemental heating and cooling, meaning most Toronto homes can benefit from a ducted heat pump!

Benefits of Ducted Heat Pumps


These heat pumps will help keep your home at its most comfortable by keeping the temperature consistently cool in the summer and consistently warm in the winter, even when outdoor temperatures dip below 30 degrees celsius.


An air-source heat pump can deliver up to five times more heat energy to a home than the electrical energy it consumes! The energy efficiency that ducted heat pumps provide translates directly into lower energy bills for our customers!


If your home already has ductwork, the installation of a heat pump is simple and quick. Our experts will use your pre existing ductwork to change your older or inefficient forced air with a ducted heat pump.

The Difference Between Ductless And Ducted Heat Pumps

When choosing if a heat pump is right for your home, you must first ask yourself whether you’re in the market for a ducted heat pump or a ductless heat pump. This question is usually easily answered by whether or not your home has pre existing ductwork!

A Ducted Heat Pump is meant for a home with pre existing ductwork. Many people assume that if their home has ductwork, their only option for HVAC is central air, but this isn’t true! A ducted heat pump works with your home’s ductwork to provide all of the benefits of a heat pump using the vents that you already have!

A Ductless Heat Pump is meant for a home without pre-existing ductwork. This means that you don’t have to spend extra money creating ductwork throughout your home to have comfortable air conditioning in the summer. A ductless air conditioner will work to spread air comfortably and efficiently throughout your home without the use of ductwork.

Save Up To $5,000 On A Ducted Heat Pump With The Canada Greener Homes Grant 

Are you interested in installing a new heat pump in your home, but you’re hesitant to make the investment? You should consider looking into The Canadian Greener Home Grant! The Canadian Greener Homes Grant is an incentive program through the government of Canada, through which Canadians can be offered up to $5,000 in rebates for upgrading their homes with energy-efficient retrofits like a ducted heat pump!

Interested In Installing A Heat Pump In Your Home? 

Get in touch with the GTA’s leading provider of ducted and ductless system installation, repairs, and maintenance! 

With over 20 years of experience, you really are in the safest of hands with SpringHome. Our friendly team of consultants and technicians are dedicated to providing customers with the best heating solutions, products and services.

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