Heat Pumps Toronto

Are Heat Pumps Enough To Heat My Home In Toronto?

When it comes to the harshness of a Toronto winter, homeowners want to make sure that their house will stay warm and comfortable throughout the season without worrying about breakdowns or insufficient heating from their HVAC system. In the past, it’s been a common misconception among homeowners that heat pumps don’t work in the unpredictable and wide-ranging Toronto climate. However, the truth is that heat pumps are a great option for Toronto homeowners for both their heating and cooling needs. Continue reading

Boiler Service

How Often Should My Boiler Be Serviced?

Although boilers and radiant heating systems tend to be more comfortable and reliable than the average traditional furnace, in order to keep them healthy, productive, and efficient, it’s vital that the homeowner books regular boiler service and maintenance. You may be wondering why boiler service is essential, or you could be asking yourself when boiler service should be booked; at Spring Home, we want to make sure our customers understand the best way to take care of their HVAC systems, which is why we’ve come up with a guide on boiler service and when to arrange for it. Continue reading