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    Air Conditioner Payment Options 

    A new air conditioner and air conditioning installation is an investment and it can become costly. Fortunately, we offer several different purchasing options to ensure you’re able to get a quality air conditioner that fits your budget. For your air conditioner replacement, you can choose between renting and financing and the benefits that come with either option.

    Financing Your Air Conditioner

    Most homeowners choose to finance their air conditioner because they can own their new air conditioner without the inconvenience of costly upfront bills. When you choose to finance your air conditioner with Spring Home, you’ll be benefited in several ways including:

    • Free in-home estimate
    • Up to 100% financing for all your home comfort needs
    • No down payment necessary
    • Worry-free professional installation
    • Variety of financing offers
    • Open Load – Pay off the entire loan at any time without penalties
    • Rebate on qualifying furnace installation
    • Personal and Confidential
    • Easy deductions from your bank account
    • Take up to 12 years to pay
    Renting Your Air Conditioner

    Renting your air conditioner is also a viable option, especially for homeowners who don’t wish to have the headache of air conditioner maintenance and repair. Although you don’t own your system, vital maintenance and upkeep are out of your hands and out of your pocketbook. When you choose to rent your air conditioner with Spring Home, you’ll be benefited in several ways including:

    • Free in-home estimate
    • No upfront charges
    • Worry-free professional installation
    • Flexible payment option Rebate on qualifying furnace installation
    • Free professional repairs
    • Expert service and annual maintenance

    Which Air Conditioning System Is Right For You? 

    Not everyone is even aware that there are multiple types of air conditioning available. Many homeowners understand that there are central and window air conditioners, however, when you’re looking for a new air conditioning installation, you might be surprised with all of the options available for different types of homes and their needs.

    Central Air Conditioner

    Central air conditioners are very popular in Markham, Richmond Hill and its surrounding areas and are installed to work with your furnace to disperse cool air through your home using its ductwork. If your home is already fitted with existing ductwork, central air conditioning is most likely the right choice for you.

    Ductless Air Conditioner 

    Ductless air conditioners are different from central air conditioning as they don’t require existing ductwork to function. Ductless air conditioning works through the minimally invasive installation of one outdoor unit and one or several indoor units that are mounted on either the wall or ceiling of your home and can be controlled individually for a unique climate from room to room.

    Ductless Heat Pump 

    Ductless heat pumps work in the same way that a ductless air conditioner works, however, what’s unique about these systems is that they provide both heating and cooling from one unit. Ductless heat pumps may be the right choice for you if your home doesn’t have existing ductwork and/or you’re interested in replacing both your AC and furnace at once.

    How Long Does An Air Conditioner Last?

    The average air conditioner lasts anywhere between ten and twenty years of age depending on the type of air conditioner (central, ductless, or heat pump), the quality of the system, and how well it’s been taken care of. Homeowners can prolong the life of their air conditioners by performing simple maintenance tasks, calling for annual service, and identifying disrepair in their system as soon as it happens. Some of the ways you can help to prolong the life of your air conditioner include: 

    • Changing your air filter at least once every 60 days 
    • Calling for preventive maintenance once a year
    • Calling for repair as soon as you identify a problem
    • Keeping your outdoor unit free of dirt and debris 
    • Keeping your indoor unit(s) free of dust and clutter 

    Benefits Of Ductless Air Conditioning In Toronto 

    If you’re interested in installing a ductless air conditioner in your Toronto home, you may have a few more questions about whether or not it’s the right choice. Ductless air conditioners come with a myriad of benefits to the homeowner, including: 

    • Low operation costs 
    • Quick installation 
    • Supplemental cooling options 
    • Individually climatized rooms 
    • High efficiency and low energy bills 
    • Quiet function 
    • Even cooling 
    • An increased home value 

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