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How to Heat the Room Over Your Garage

With winter just around the corner, you’re probably thinking about heating your home. One challenge that a lot of homeowners have is keeping their room above the garage warm. Whether it’s a bedroom, office, or playroom, the room over the garage can be a tricky place to heat and keep comfortable. If you’re in this situation, read on to learn about your options and tips to keep your space warm and cozy.

Options for Heating the Room Over Your Garage
Ductless Heating

The simplest, most efficient, and affordable solution in many cases would be to install a ductless system. A ductless heat pump is an energy-efficient option for heating (and cooling). It consists of an outdoor compressor unit and one or more indoor air-handling units. It doesn’t require ductwork, making it a good choice for retrofitting spaces like a room over a garage.

In-Floor Heating

Radiant in-floor heating involves installing heating elements beneath the floor surface. It provides consistent, comfortable warmth and can be an efficient way to heat a room. But, if you need to tear up existing flooring to install the heating, it could be expensive. 

Tips to Keep the Room Above the Garage Warm in Winter

Here are some extra measures you can take to keep the room above your garage warm.

Seal Air Leaks

Seal gaps and cracks in the room’s walls, windows, doors, and around electrical outlets and switches. Use weatherstripping and caulk to prevent cold air from coming in. Consider doing this in the garage as well. 

Insulate Well

Insulate the room above the garage, especially the walls, ceiling, and floor. Add extra insulation if needed. You may also consider insulating the garage, particularly the ceiling. Proper insulation can significantly reduce heat loss.

Window Treatments

Another way to keep the room warmer is to use heavy curtains or thermal blinds to cover windows during the night. This helps minimize heat loss. During the day, open the curtains to allow sunlight to warm the room naturally.

Maintain Ductwork 

If your system has ducts, have them serviced and cleaned. A technician can seal any gaps or leaks. They can also insulate the ductwork to keep warm air inside. Finally, a technician can balance the system and even upgrade the ductwork.

Stay Warmer by Maintaining Your HVAC Equipment

Of course, the key to keeping your whole home comfortable and warm is ensuring that your HVAC equipment is properly installed and maintained. A poorly-maintained system will not function efficiently or effectively, and you’ll find yourself cold, paying higher utility bills, and calling for repairs more. Whether it’s the room over the garage or the new addition, the key to home comfort is choosing the right heating system and taking care of it properly. Spring Home can help you do just that!

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