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Protect Your Heating System with a Heating Protection Plan

Would you rather pay out of pocket for HVAC service and repairs as they come up, or know that, no matter what, you’re covered? The answer is obvious, so why don’t you have a Spring Home protection plan? There’s so much value and a whole lot of peace of mind in having a heating protection plan. In this article, you’ll learn all about our Protection Plans.

What is a Heating Protection Plan?

A protection plan for your heating system guarantees that your HVAC system and equipment will always be taken care of and covered when there’s a problem. Most HVAC companies offer a few different plans to suit different needs and budgets. 

Protection plans include a certain number of checkups, as well as discounts on parts and repairs. It’s like an insurance policy for your HVAC systems, but better. The more comprehensive a plan you have, the more coverage and support you receive.

Why Do I Need a Protection Plan?

First of all, homeowner’s insurance does not cover maintenance and repairs on your furnace. And, the costs of labour and parts for furnace repairs are only covered if your furnace is brand new and on a warranty. 

Without a protection plan, when your furnace breaks down or needs a tuneup, you have to pay for the cost directly out of your pocket. With a protection plan, some maintenance, tune-ups, repairs, and parts are completely covered or discounted. Protection plans can cost as little as $10 a month, so it’s more economical and easier on the budget than having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars on the spot for repairs, replacement or service.

Depending on the plan you choose, you can benefit from:

  • FREE maintenance and repairs
  • FREE checkups and tune-ups
  • Priority Emergency Service 
  • FREE or discounted services
  • FREE accessories 
  • FREE or discounted parts

Spring Home Protection Plans

Spring Home has 3 protection plans for customers to choose from. They are:

  1. Complete Care Value Protection
  2. Complete Care Tier 1 Protection
  3. Complete Care Tier 2 Protection

Take a look at how they compare in this chart:

Complete Care Value


Complete Care Tier 1


Complete Care Tier 2


All Plans Include:

  1. Free 28-point Furnace Preventive & Maintenance Checkup OR
    Free 23-point Air Conditioner Preventive & Maintenance Checkup
  2. Priority Emergency Service
  3. Senior Discount for homeowners 65+
35% off for the second equipment in the plan 20% off for the second equipment in the plan 20% off for the second equipment in the plan
FREE Repair parts if under manufacturers’ warranty 15% off on all services including parts and labour Unlimited No-charge Services for appliance(s) less than 15 years ($1,000.00 limit on appliance(s) over 15 years)
Unlimited No-charge on labour for up to 10 years No Overtime Charge on all Services Add one appliance to your plan (air cleaner or Humidifier) at Tier1 price and receive Tier2 Coverage
One Free Diagnostic Per Year Receive FREE accessories up to $300 value towards a new furnace or air conditioner purchase


You can learn more about Spring Home’s Protection Plans here and you can see all the terms here.

Protect Your Heating System

The best way to guarantee the protection of your HVAC system is to get a protection plan. This way, you’ll always have coverage and discounted parts and services. After all, furnaces and their parts are expensive, and so is labour. A lot of families can’t afford to put out that kind of money unexpectedly. 

Plus, protection plans ensure your heating system is always running efficiently and effectively because regular maintenance and checkups are included.

Save yourself money and give yourself peace of mind, get a Spring Home heating Protection Plan.

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