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Tips To Protect Your Boiler in the Winter

When your heating system is working well, you probably just forget about it. But, that could prove to be an expensive mistake. While many people take the time to get their boiler or furnace ready for winter, when the cold weather hits, they don’t give it another thought. That is until it stops working one frigid day. It’s so important to keep your boiler maintained and protected all year round, especially during the cold winter months.

If you don’t know what you should be doing, take a look at our tips to protect your boiler in the winter.

Schedule Boiler Service

Just like furnaces, boilers need to be serviced annually. If you didn’t get around to it in the fall, do it ASAP. Definitely schedule a tune-up before the real winter cold kicks in. Boiler service involves a certified HVAC technician verifying that your boiler is in good condition, and diagnosing potential problems before they become major issues.

Check Pressure Regularly 

You should also check boiler pressure regularly. To do this, look at the pressure gauge, which is typically on the front of the unit. The pressure of your boiler is a good indicator of common issues that affect the operation of the unit. Keep an eye on the pressure reading, being mindful of any changes that could cause overly high or low pressure. If your boiler is swinging too high or low, have the problem diagnosed right away. The wrong pressure reading could lead to big problems with your heating system.

Look for Leaks

Leaks are another indicator of boiler issues. Usually, leaks start off small. So, if you’re taking the time to protect your boiler in the winter, you’ll notice a leak before it gets out of control. When you see a leak, try to find out where it’s coming from and call a technician. The quicker you notice and respond to the leak, the easier and cheaper the repair should be. It could save you the cost of a complete replacement. 

Bleed the Radiators 

While it’s a simple job, many homeowners forget about it. Bleeding your boiler radiators regularly will help protect your heating system if you have an air cushion/compression tank. We recommend doing it before you turn your heat on for the season. Failing to bleed the radiators might not affect the boiler itself, but you’ll likely notice a difference in how warm it feels in your home. It’s worth it to take care of this little task.

Beware of Condensate Pipe Problems

Sometimes, condensate pipes freeze. Therefore, they have the potential to cause a lot of problems with your home heating. If the pipes do freeze, it’ll cause a blockage and, eventually, your boiler to stop working. Before it gets too cold, take some time to protect the pipe as much as you can. Invest in a bit of additional insulation or waterproof cladding to secure around the pipe. But, don’t alter the pipe itself! Only certified technicians should work on these pipes.

Keep it Clean

This is another simple task for homeowners. Keeping your boiler clean goes a long way. Clean the area around your boiler and keep objects away from it. Remember to dust the unit regularly to protect it from damage. Don’t clean the internal parts of the boiler, though. That’s a job for the HVAC experts! 

Check Thermostats

Before winter really sets in, check that your thermostats are functioning as they should. Thermostat issues can be a real pain for homeowners. Avoid this by taking proactive steps to check and test that your thermostats are working, set properly, and communicating with the heating system. 

Test Your Heating Before You Need it 

Finally, turn your heating on before you need to turn it on. Doing so will alert you to any problems or fixes that are needed. Save yourself the discomfort of being without heat mid-winter by checking that your boiler is operating correctly. Turn up the heat for a short period of time to ensure everything is functioning. 

Don’t wait for an emergency heating situation to happen. Protect your boiler this winter with preventative and ongoing maintenance.

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