Replace Air Conditioner Spring

Why You Should Replace Your Air Conditioner In Spring

A new air conditioner is a huge investment for most Canadian households. This leads many homeowners to wait to replace their air conditioner until it’s absolutely necessary. While this can be understandable, one of the best ways to shop smart and save money when replacing your air conditioner is to choose to replace it in the spring, before the summer (and the harsh heat) begins.

Save Money
One reason that many homeowners choose to replace their air conditioner in the spring is the potential to get the best price possible on a new system. Air conditioners tend to be a bit more affordable in the spring as opposed to the summer for several reasons including spring rebates and incentives from the manufacturer as well as the government, a lesser demand for the product, and a greater selection of systems.

Beat The Rush
Once summer is in full swing, many homeowners will be forced to admit that their current air conditioner isn’t cutting it anymore and they’re in need of a new system. This causes a wave of consumers every year, desperately looking for a new AC. A great reason to replace your air conditioner in the spring is to beat the rush of customers with the same goal. This will help you to have more selection, more attention from dealers to answer your questions, and a better chance of finding a system within your budget.

Have Peace Of Mind
Don’t wait to replace your air conditioner! If your current system is on its last legs, you don’t want to spend the summer worried about an impending breakdown that will cost you in emergency repairs. This summer, have peace of mind knowing that you have a new, efficient, and reliable air conditioner that will keep you and your family cool and comfortable with no fear of going kaput!

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