Furnace Repair Markham Richmond Hill

24/7 Emergency Furnace Repair In Markham and Richmond Hill

There’s never a good time for furnace breakdown or emergency to occur, however, some times are more inopportune than others. If you live in the Markham and Richmond Hill area, and you’re experiencing troubles with your furnace that require emergency repair, the experts at Spring Home have got you covered!

Emergency Furnace Repair Right When You Need It
Regardless of the time or day, our expert technicians work hard to make sure the homeowners in the Markham and Richmond Hill areas always have access to emergency furnace repair. We know that furnaces don’t just break down between the hours of 9 and 5 Monday through Friday, so we aren’t just available then either. Any time, day or night, and any day (even holidays) we’re always available to help you with a furnace emergency repair! We’re just a phone call away!

Before Calling The Experts
Sometimes, when homeowners experience furnace troubles, they immediately panic and call for help. While we’re always happy to help our valued customers, there are times when a simple and easily fixable issue is the root of the breakdown. Before calling the experts at Spring Home, first check to see if one of these issues is causing the trouble:

  • Your furnace was accidentally switched off
  • Your thermostat’s batteries are dead
  • Your thermostat was accidentally set to COOL instead of HEAT
  • Your exterior intake and the exhaust pipe is blocked by leaves or snow
  • Your furnace filter is obstructed
  • Your home’s vents are closed or clogged

How To Help Avoid Furnace Breakdowns
The most simple way to avoid a furnace breakdown in the future is to schedule annual preventative maintenance for your furnace every fall or winter. When you schedule a furnace inspection, you’re allowing the experts at Spring Home to ensure that your furnace is working properly and without any signs of future breakdown or damage. This significantly reduces your chances of experiencing a furnace malfunction or breakdown and helps the longevity of your furnace going forward.

Need emergency furnace repair in Markham or Richmond Hill?
Spring Home is here to help 24/7.

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