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How Often Should My Boiler Be Serviced?

Although boilers and radiant heating systems tend to be more comfortable and reliable than the average traditional furnace, in order to keep them healthy, productive, and efficient, it’s vital that the homeowner books regular boiler service and maintenance. You may be wondering why boiler service is essential, or you could be asking yourself when boiler service should be booked; at Spring Home, we want to make sure our customers understand the best way to take care of their HVAC systems, which is why we’ve come up with a guide on boiler service and when to arrange for it.

The truth is, there are three main reasons why you should get your boiler serviced, and depending on the reason, you’ll know when it’s time for maintenance.

The most important reason to book boiler service is to keep your home safe. At Spring Home, safety always comes first, and there are a few safety precautions that we want our customers to be aware of.

  1. Gas: Although it’s very rare for a boiler to leak gas, especially if it’s been regularly serviced, it still can be possible. A gas leak in a closed room can result in a fire from the smallest spark in the air.
  2. Carbon Monoxide: Carbon monoxide is extremely toxic and can be potentially deadly. We recommend that you always have your gas checked when you book boiler service.
  3. Water: Boilers hold extremely hot water that can be very harmful to the individuals around them if a pipe leaks or bursts. Even a cold water leak can cause significant damage to your home or can become deadly if met by an electrical current. Ensuring there is no water leak or will be no water leak in the near future is an essential part of boiler service.
  4. Electricity: As electricity can cause a slew of problems in the home and risk the health and safety of the people inside, it’s essential that all-electric components are assessed during boiler service.

Boilers tend to be one of the most efficient home comfort systems, leading homeowners to switch to a boiler to save energy and money. The best way to ensure that you’re getting the best efficiency possible from your boiler is to book boiler service to make sure that your boiler’s efficiency isn’t being compromised by common issues like limescale, rust, and wear-and-tear.

Boilers often come with a great warranty plan that can last over a decade! This can be great for homeowners, knowing that if something goes wrong with their system, they have support to back it up. However, in many warranties, there tends to be a small print that confirms that your warranty is not valid if you have not booked annual maintenance. It’s vital that you book regular boiler service in order to keep your boiler’s warranty valid!

Never Try To Service Your Boiler Yourself!
Unless you are a registered HVAC technician, you should never attempt to service your system yourself. Although it can be tempting to save money, there are several risks associated with DIY boiler service. You could potentially worsen any existing problems, but more importantly, you could severely injure yourself.

When To Book Service
For best results and to keep your warranty valid, boiler service should be booked annually. Once a year is enough to keep your boiler healthy, happy, and productive.

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