Boiler Efficiency Tips

Boiler Efficiency Tips

Just like a forced-air system, boilers also require routine check-ups and upkeep to run at their absolute best. These boiler efficiency tips can help you keep your monthly bills as low as possible and ensure your radiators keep nice and warm all winter long.

Clean your Boiler
This boiler efficiency tip is relatively simple, but it’s amazing how many homeowners don’t think to clean their boiler during their routine housekeeping. The dust that collects on the outside of the unit can eventually work its way into the interior, where it can clog up the condensate tubes and pipes. Too much dust collected on the electronic components may cause an internal electric shortage as well. All you need to do is gently clean the dust off of the outside of the unit whenever you clean the rest of your house. Never attempt to clean the interior of your boiler as it can result in serious injury. A licensed technician can clean the inside of your unit when they complete your routine maintenance.

Correct the Pressure
If the pressure in your boiler is too low, it can drastically reduce its efficiency, but luckily it’s an easy fix in most cases. If you live in a typical two story home, locate the pressure gauge on your boiler and make sure it’s reading roughly 12-15 PSI when the boiler is not firing. If it’s too low, you’ll need to correct it. Unfortunately, this is another boiler efficiency tip that is more of a troubleshooting tip, because if you’ve never adjusted the pressure before, you’ll want to contact a professional to do so.

Insulation Check
Homeowners can easily tackle this boiler efficiency tip themselves, and the results will be noticeable almost immediately. If the pipes coming from your boiler aren’t insulated, they’ll lose heat unnecessarily, which wastes a lot of energy and increases your monthly bills. All you need to do is measure your pipes and visit your local hardware store to pick up some lagging, which is essentially pre-slit foam tubing used for pipe insulation. Cut the tubing to size, place it around your uninsulated pipes, and secure it in place with heat resistant tape.

Get Annual Service or Install a High-Efficiency Boiler
Although boilers are built to last, like any home comfort appliance they require routine maintenance to keep them running efficiently. A certified technician can clean your boiler and repair any damaged components, but they also have the knowledge and experience to address any other factors that could be inhibiting your boiler’s efficiency. Unfortunately, the problem could also be that your current boiler is outdated, but if you upgrade to a new high-efficiency unit, you’ll notice a drastic improvement in your home comfort and monthly bills.

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