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Mitsubishi Ductless

1. Award Winner of Mitsubishi Electric Outstanding Performance in 2013, 2014 and 2015.
2. Mitsubishi MEQ Certificate—Identifies Spring Home has been thoroughly trained and certified in the installation and servicing of Mitsubishi Ductless products. Products installed by Spring Home also qualify for additional Mitsubishi’s warranty.

Mitsubishi Award from others, please refer to http://www.mitsubishicomfort.com/showcases/awards

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Mitsubishi MSZ/MUZ-FH

The MOST Efficient & Comfort Ductless Heat Pump You Can Buy
3D i-see Sensor — The new look of comfort
Warm up your home even when temperatures fall as low as -25º C / -13º F

The innovative 8-element 3D i-see Sensor from Mitsubishi Electric continuously scans the entire room and divides it into 752 zones, detects exactly where you and your families are located based on your unique body temperature and analyzes the difference between your body temperature and that of the air around you. With this thermal analysis, it then directs the perfect amount of heating or cooling towards those who need it most. And when you leave the room, it automatically switches into energy-saving mode to help save you money.

The Hyper-Heat FH-series provides excellent heating performance down to -25º C / -13º F, continually operates on even the coldest of Canadian winter days. FH series are the only air to air ductless heat pump works perfectly in Canada.

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Mitsubishi MSY-GE/MSY-GD

Mr. Slim Ductless  Single zone cooling only

Whisper-quiet technology makes the indoor unit ultra quiet with the sound level as low as 19 dB(A). Up to 21 Seer energy efficiency ratio helps reduce your utility bill and make you perfectly comfortable.

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Mitusishi MSZ-GE/MSZ-GD

Mr. Slim Ductless Heat Pump

Mr. Slim Ductless Heat Pump


This ENERGY STAR qualified ductless heat pump provides quiet operation with the indoor unit sound level of as low as 19 dB(A). This is the true evolution in year-round comfort of heating and cooling.

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Mitsubishi SUZ/SLZ-KA

Mr. Slim Single 4-Way Cassette Ductless Split System
Compact and lightweight design with wide 4-way air flow


Standard European ceiling grid hides the the indoor unit in existing ceiling without anything hung up on the wall

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Mitsubishi MXZ-2/3/4/5/8B(C)**NA

Mr. Slim Multi-Split Ductless Heat Pump

Works with a combination of up to 8 indoor units


No two environments are alike. When you or others spend time in different rooms, each design, each floor plan, and each room offers its own challenge to something as important as proper heating, air conditioning and circulation. Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim MXZ series systems are designed to adapt to these challenges.

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Mitsubishi SUZ/SEZ-KA/KD

Mr. Slim Single Ceiling-Concealed Ducted Split System
Ducted or ductless, It is a comfortable choice


Mr. Slim is best known as the perfect solution for dwellings without existing ductwork. Mitsubishi Electric also provides the convenient option of using a ducted indoor unit as well. With the ceiling-concealed indoor unit, Mr. Slim can deliver its efficient temperature control in a truly discreet manner to different rooms with only one indoor air handler.

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Mitsubishi Indoor Unit Styles

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