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Fujitsu AOU18-48

Multi-Zone Ductless Heat Pump

The iComfort S30 Brings New Innovation to Energy Saving

The local weather changes, your schedule changes, even your indoor air quality changes. But the iComfort S30 automatically adapts those changes to deliver the ultimate in comfort, energy saving and peace of mind.

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Energy Efficiency

  • Smart AwaysmileyNEW!You are in, You are out. You are all over the place. The iComfort S30'S Smart Away Mode communicates with your mobile phone(s) to detect when you leave home and when you approach home, adjusting temperature accordingly to save energy
  • Schedule IQ TechnologysmileyNEW! combines with Smart Away Mode to optimize smart energy use based on your family's routine, including wake and sleep times

Home Comfort

  • Feel Like TemperaturesmileyNEW!  is similar to the "Feels Like" temperature in a weather report in that it takes into account temperature and humidity to make your home feel exactly like you want it.
  • Real Time Load Tracking–automatically adjusts firing capacity and blower speed by constantly monitoring indoor temperature change, makes you feel perfectly comfortable and reduces your energy cost.

Reliable Performance

  • Automatic Updates means the iComfort S30 always has the latest software and functionality
  • Seven-Day Weather Forecasts and air quality conditions are offered for your local area, so you always know what's happening outside.
  • Beautiful7" HD Color Touch Screenwith light sensorautomatically adjusts brightness.
  • Animated Screen SaverssmileyNEW!are designed with graphics that match outdoor weather conditions.
  • Advanced Warnings provide truly proactive system diagnostics that can predict potential problems, and alert you and your dealer to minor problems before they become major issues
  • Remote Monitoring and Troubleshootingmake it possible for dealers to analyze and adjust system parameters to fix problems, without ever making a trip to your home


  • Allergen Defender monitors the air quality and pollen levels of your local zip code and automatically turns the fan on to clean your home's air when outdoor levels are high.
  • Climate IQ Technology monitors humidity levels and removes excess moisture that can cause mold growth, creating healthier, more comfortable air..


  • Remote Control lets you adjust the temperature and control energy costs from anywhere using a mobile device.

Lennox Standard Warranty–Lennox 20 years limited warranty on heat exchanger, 10 years limited extended warranty on covered components with product registeration

Lennox Extended Warranty–Lennox Complete Care 12 years all parts and labor warranty. Extra charge applies.

Spring Home Labor warranty–up to 10 years subject to annual precision preventive and maintenance tune up.

Great Customer Service

My first interaction with Spring Home was in March when the furnace at my rental home was red tagged. I found this company on Home Stars and was impressed with their high rating. A few hours after my call I received a quotation. Didn't have time to shop around as we had no heat so took a leap of faith. They came the next day to install and have had no issues since. After this positive experience i have used this company several times on my personal home as well as my mom's home. Cheryl is wonderful to work with and always manages to fit me in. I had terrible luck with broken air conditioners this year and thanks to their excellent customer service, full service was resumed on a timely basis which was fantastic given how hot this summer has been. Would highly recommend this company.

Mary, North York, ON
August 31, 2016

Air Conditioner Service and Installation

This is our second new installation with Spring Home. The air conditioner unit at our rental property was malfunctioning and we made a service call. The technician was very thorough and patient in explaining everything that was happening. Unfortunately, the unit was beyond repair and the recommendation was to replace it. 
My only issue was the time it took to schedule the work which we were willing to deal with since we really didn't want anybody else installing the new unit. Quality work takes time and I believe a lot of people in the city recognize this when they are willing to wait for their scheduled installs.

Bubba, Vaughan, ON
August 30, 2016

Ductless AC Installation

We has a ductless AC installed in our house in June. We are so glad we did - it has been such a hot summer! Spring Home was prompt and efficient with their installation. They cleaned up well after themselves, and even came back a second day to fix something that had been done incorrectly. Overall, we are pleased with our unit and would definitely recommend Spring Home.


Split Air Conditioner

This is the second unit I bought from this company, my first one was a large type with 4 outlets, they where the only company that really understood what I needed, a difficult installation made easy by them. 
The second unit I bought over the phone, the salesman Cy knew what I wanted, gave me a great price, the guys showed up on type, did a fast, clean job, I'm happy. 
I will be back for more

Paul Ruoff, Toronto, ON
August 30, 2016

Air Conditioner Service

Spring Home installed a new furnace and air conditioning unit 3 years ago and it has run well since then. The 2 small issues I have experienced since then were resolved quickly and efficiently. 
We also had Spring Home service an older air conditioning unit at my parents home and they completed it quickly and efficiently.

Spring Home has proven to be reliable and trustworthy.

DS, Port Union, ON
August 27, 2016
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Testimonials (746)


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