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Spring Home’s Fall Checklist: How to Prep Your Home for the Winter
November 16, 2017, by George Li

Not sure how to prep your home for winter? If you’re a homeowner, look no further – here is our checklist of things to do to winterize your home.

Everywhere you look, winter is closing in on us. The days are getting shorter and colder, holiday decorations are creeping along store aisles, and winter coats have begun to come out of closets. Whether you like the cold or not – it’s coming up fast!

As a homeowner, there are a few more things that should be on your mind beyond hauling your winter boots and coats out of your overcrowded closet or basement. We’ve compiled a list of things to do around your home, before the snow and frost become more permanent fixtures. Work your way through our checklist before cozying up in your winterized home and hibernating until spring.

Prepare Outdoor Faucets and Shut off Exterior Water Valves 

If your home has outdoor faucets or hoses, clearing them of water is crucial. Water expands when frozen, which can cause burst pipes and nasty water damage in your home.

Remove any attached hoses, shut off your exterior water valves (these are normally in the basement near your main water shutoff valves), and open your bleeder valve and faucet to release any water remaining in the pipes.

Blow Out Your Sprinkler System

If you have the know-how and safety equipment to do so, blow out your sprinkler system with an air compressor to make sure no residual water will be clogging those pipes through the winter. If you don’t know how to do this, we recommended calling a professional or doing ample research beforehand. And don’t forget your protective eyewear!

Clean Your Eavestroughs

This is definitely no one’s favourite task, but – unfortunately! – it needs to be done. Gutters hold and funnel water away from your house, making them incredibly important in maintaining the structural integrity of your home. If your gutters are clogged with leaves and debris, water could sit in your gutters for long periods of time, or, even worse, could end up finding ways into the walls and roof of your home. Make sure you clean out your gutters and eavestroughs before the winter really sets in.

Fertilize your Lawn for the Winter

If you want a green and healthy lawn all spring and summer long, fall is the best time to fertilize. It helps your grass and roots grow strong and deep before the winter, and fall dew helps your grass absorb fertilizer. So get off your couch and start fertilizing!

Clean your BBQ…

The last thing you want on the first warm night of spring is to clean up last year’s burger gunk. Now’s the time to get your barbeque spotless before you close it up for the season.

…And your Backyard, too

Raking leaves and getting rid of your dead (and dying) annuals is also a fall must – old rotting leaves and plants can stunt your next growing season. Make sure you bag up your yard waste in paper bags and check your municipality’s waste pick-up schedule before sending your waste to the curb.

Finally, Get your HVAC System Checked!                       

Here in Canada, we spend most of our winters indoor. Your indoor air being unclean, uncomfortably hot or cold, or unpleasantly dry, can make for a miserable winter. Make sure to get your HVAC system checked, and replace your air conditioner, if needed – the fall is a great time to get a deal on your new system! If you would like to book your annual maintenance check-up, or if you’re looking to replace your equipment, give us a call or visit our website, http://springhome.ca/, for more information.

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