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Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring
April 12, 2017, by George Li

hvac system for spring

With the recent cold weather warning and heavy snowfall, it may not seem like it but Spring is just around the corner. Not only is warm weather on the way but also it will soon be time to switch over from heating your home to cooling it instead.

Before you start running your air conditioning system full force, take the time to inspect, clean and perform any required maintenance to ensure it will be able to handle the warm seasons ahead.

Here Are the Top Tips for Getting Your HVAC System Ready for Spring:

Test Your Unit

The first step you should take is doing a test run of your AC unit to confirm it is still working and pay attention to any details that may indicate that there is an issue. To test, switch your HVAC system from heat to cool and adjust your thermostat by several degrees to allow your unit to run a complete AC cycle.

 During the Cycle, Make Sure to Check the Following:

●     Walk throughout your home and ensure that all vents are properly open and clear of dust or debris

●     Pay attention to any unusual odors

●     Note the length of time it takes to cycle on and off and if your air conditioner stops at any point mid-cycle

●     Listen for any odd noises such as banging, churning or knocking


Seal Up Cracks

Winter can be harsh and result in some wear and tear on your home. Pre-spring is the perfect time to inspect in and around windows and doors for any leaks or cracks that may have developed. By sealing leaks and cracks, you are able to maximize your indoor air retention during the hottest months of the year and your AC unit will not have to work as hard to keep your home cool.

Check Your Thermostat

Probably the simplest tip of all but an important one to help keep your energy costs under control. Check to make sure that your thermostat is properly functioning and that the temperature it is displaying is the actual temperature of your home. If the temperatures do not match, you will be paying more for cooling than you need to be or it may be an indicator of a more serious HVAC system problem.

Schedule Maintenance and Cleaning

A semi-annual routine HVAC maintenance inspection helps to ensure the safety of your equipment and maximize energy efficiency.  Just before spring is an optimal time to schedule a maintenance check to ensure your unit is functioning properly. Our technicians will:

●     Fully inspect the unit to identify and replace any worn out parts

●    Change filters

●     Clean in and around the unit to remove dirt accumulation

●     Inspect for any loose seals or cracks in and around your unit

Air Duct Test

In addition to scheduling a routine maintenance check, it is wise to request that your technician performs an air duct test and cleaning. This not only removes any buildup of dirt, debris, allergens and toxins but will increase your unit's efficiency, decrease your energy usage and lowers the risk of a fire hazard.

Clean air ducts help improve the flow and circulation of cool air throughout your home and reduce seasonal allergy symptoms.

It takes minimal time to check and ensure your AC unit is properly functioning and ready to handle another summer season. By testing ahead of time, you can avoid being stuck with a non-working unit on a sweltering hot day. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!





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