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How to Lower your Home Heating Bill this Winter (Without Putting on a Sweater)
November 10, 2017, by George Li


How to Lower your Home Heating Bill this Winter

Starting to think about your home heating bill? With the cold days of winter drawing near, it’s hard to not think about the hike of your electric bill in the coming months.

While turning down the thermostat and throwing on a pair of wool socks may have been your go to in the past years, it may be time to look into a more permanent solution. There are several different ways you can work with your existing heating unit to increase its overall efficiency.


Know What HVAC System You’re Working With

The first step to knowing a unit’s potential efficiency is understanding the unit itself. You may have a unit that is nearing the end of its lifespan. If that’s the case, you may want to consider a secondary heating source, such as a heat pump, before upgrading your unit completely.

A heat pump allows you to keep your existing unit as a back-up, while heating your home three times more efficiently than a traditional electric heating system. So, when you increase the thermostat, you won’t be increasing your bill along with it.



If you’re looking to taking the process one step further, you can consider a couple quick tweaks to your unit. A few modern touches to an older furnace or boiler can not only increase the functionality of the system, but it will also increase its efficiency, which increases the numbers of dollars in your pocket.

(Now, before you take on this task, we recommend checking out: (How To Modify Boiler Or Furnace To Improve Energy Efficiency.)


Proper Maintenance

So maybe you’re not ready to take the leap and install a heat pump this year, or modify your unit yourself. That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Whether you have a heat pump, furnace or boiler, keeping your system properly maintained is key to keeping it running efficiently throughout the season.

On top of daily maintenance, considering having your unit professionally serviced before the start of the season. Taking that extra step to ensure your unit is properly cleaned will ensure your heating bill won’t take you to the cleaners instead. Luckily, we at Spring Home HVAC are helpful, fast, and efficient when it comes to regular tune ups and maintenance work. If you are worried about your system or looking for HVAC maintenance, give us a call at (416)-272-8898 for Toronto, York and Durham, and (289)-291-7000 for Peel and Halton.

Blog Post written by: Angela Rafuse

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