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Do you qualify for a free air source heat pump?
August 15, 2017, by George Li
Mitsubishi wall mount air source heat pump

Mitsubishi wall mount indoor air source heat pump.

The Save On Energy program provides an IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator) incentive up to $4,000.00 for every qualified air source heat pump (ASHP) system if the homeowner has electric heating as primary heating source. Please see here for more details. The ASHP incentive is just part of program; there are incentives for central furnace and air conditioning as well. 

Efficient and environmentally friendly

Spring Home Heating & Cooling has done several free projects that are qualified for the ASHP incentive. ASHP provides cooling in summer and heating in winter. It uses electricity to transfer free heat from outside air to inside. It is efficient because the heat is free, and environmentally friendly because it does not burn fuel and no combustion products are vented into the air. 

Providing the IESO incentive

In order to provide the IESO incentive to homeowners, participating contractors must be qualified by taking an HRAI seminar, holding certain licence, proper insurance, and passing the program exam. 

The ASHP system has outdoors unit and indoor units. There are five different type of indoor units: wall mount, floor mount, ducted ceiling concealed, four way cassette and central air handler. 

Mitsubishi wall mount indoor unit

Mitsubishi wall mount indoor unit

Better warranty with Spring Home Heating & Cooling

Spring Home is a certified Mitsubishi MEQ (Mitsubishi Electric Qualification) dealer. Mitsubishi units installed by us will get an extended 10 years parts warranty. Non-certified contractors can only give a five years parts and seven years compressor warranty. For more information on our Mitsubishi ASHP products, click here. Spring Home is also a Daikin official Comfort Pro dealer.

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