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In situations when home owner is facing a dilemma of choosing new furnace there are a few factors need to be considered before the final decision is made.  Our consultants are familiar with the specifics of each model and can assist you to select the right one for your home.

Whether is a replacement of a broken furnace or upgrade of existing furnace there are still many factors that need to be taken into consideration:

Your current furnace is not heating the rooms efficiently in your house…?

The new generation furnaces equipped with multi-staging technology ensure that each room in the house  is heated evenly minimizing the temperature fluctuations from room to room.

Existing furnace is old and not energy efficient what leads to high energy bills from providers.

The new energy efficient furnaces are designed to provide you not only with comfort but also to save on your monthly energy bill.  For every dollar you spend on energy bill you receive more usable heat in return. Just to compare…for every $1 you are paying for energy bill with new energy efficient furnace your would be paying $4 if you are operating the electric heater.

Improve the indoor air quality in your home.

By implementing such function as “variable speed fan motor” certain furnaces by changing the start-up speed and airflow can adjust the humidity levels in your house which will lead to more evenly heated rooms and also to improved indoor air quality.

Does your existing furnace require any repairs?

Due to the specifics of technology the single visit of specialist to repair your furnace may cost average from $ 400 and up, the longer your furnace served you the higher repair costs may go. At a certain point repair costs may exceed the value of the new energy efficient furnace installed in your house.


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