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As we know, increasing energy efficiency and reducing pollution is very important for the survival of our planet. Thus, utility companies (OPA and Enbridge) and HVAC/R manufacturers offer different rebates/promotions for high efficiency central air conditioner installation. Home owners can take advantage of the rebates/promotions  to upgrade their central air conditioner in order to reduce the utility bill and be friendly to our environment. (Conditions Apply)


Up to $3,600.00 Incentives and Rebates for Qualifying Furnace and Air Conditioner


1. Home Energy Conservation Program Through Enbridge Gas Distribution

     Up to $1,950.00 incentive to home owner. (conditions apply)
     Note: House must be in Enbridge Program Delivery Areas. (York Municipalities, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa…)

2. Union Gas Home Reno Rebate

    $1,000.00 rebate for qualifying furnace and boiler. (conditions apply)
    $500.00 rebate for qualifying water heater. (conditions apply)
    Note: Program is only eligible for Union Gas customer or reside in Union Gas Franchise area.

3. Save on Energy (OPA) Incentive

    Up to $650.00 incentive for qualifying furnace and air conditioner.

4. Trane Manufacturer Winter Promotion

 4.1  Trade-in Allowance: Up to $1,000.00 on Qualifying Equipment. Unit(s) must be purchased before December 16th, 2016 and installed before January 16th, 2017.  NOTE: This program can only be provided by Trane TCS dealer.
 4.2  Free 10 Years parts and labor warranty, unit(s) must be purchased before January 16th, 2017 and installed before February 16th, 2017.

5. Spring Home Specials

At Spring Home, We have seasonal and weekly AC specials for our customers, please call us to find out the details. 


NOTE: Conditions Apply to all rebates and incentives above, please call 416.272.8898 or email to installation@springhome.ca for details

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