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Furnace & A/C Installation

When we moved into our 85-year-old home several years ago, we were warned that we would soon need a new boiler. We also had no A/C and knew that eventually this could be a problem. With the sweltering heat of this summer and the discovery that our boiler was leaking and about to become a basement flooder, we called Spring Home. Cy responded immediately(unlike another company I contacted that didn't even call back) and came over with George, another specialist from the company, to give us a thorugh assessment of what was needed and to answer all our questions. We received a quote that we felt was reasonable for the quality of product we expected to receive. The installers arrived exactly when Cy told us they would and those men REALLY worked! Our home is old and does not have a forced air system. The logistics that went into installing air conditioning and maintaining the aesthetic look of the house was just amazing. There was very little mess made during the job and the cleanup was thorough. Although the amount of work was major, it was completed within schedule. All the men were very polite and made sure our questions were answered when they came up. We were consulted as to our preferred placement of the A/C heads and told what the options were. Tubing that had to be run outside was hidden with covering that matched the trim of the house and fit in with the overall style. This covering will also protect the tubing from the elements in years to come. Our nice new boiler is energy-efficient and tucked very neatly into a corner of the basement where it is not that noticeable but is easy to access. Our experience with Spring Home was everything we hoped for!

Luc's Roofing Ltd,Toronto
October 21st, 2010

Furnace, A/C and Humidifier Installation

I am thankful to have connected with Cy Goh, who was so thorough at explaining every thing on the phone, especially after I have done my own research and invited others to give a quote. I invited Cy the same day and he came under the hail of rain in a couple of hours to discuss further and give me a quote. 48 hours later he was back with the technician, the supervisor of the team. The area where the furnace had to get installed is enclosed and the air flow for the existing furnace was installed incorrectly. George was quickly able to find the solutions of how to manage the new installation. We were so comfortable with both experts and the next day signed the contract and we had the installation done 5 days later. The team on the job were excellent and Yan was here from 9:30am to 11pm. They were able to finish the job in one day, eventhough, it was a complicated installation. Everyone was exceptional, service, communication and installation and also the price point. I would highly recommend the team. We were extremely satisfied.

Antoinette,Brockton Village
Brockton Village

Furnace Service

My furnace stop working and I have no heat, I asked a friend who refer me to George from Springhome. He came by right away. He got the furnace running again in no time and also installed condensing pump, replaced the entire drain pipe, installed neutralizer to ensure my sewer system is not damage by the acidic water from the furnace. if my original contractor had installed the condensing pump we would not have this problem. Thanks George!

Ken,North York
October 19th, 2010

Furnace, A/C and Hot Water Heater Installation

I did not have air-conditioning and needed a new furnace and hot water heater. Spring Home returned my call immediately came by and together Cy and George help me to understand what kind of product they sell and what I needed for my home. They installed it within a few days of my decision and it only took a few days to complete the entire job. I was amazed at their diligence, professionalism, kindness, intelligence and customer service. It was the best experience I have had with an upgrade to my home. My unit is quiet and works well. I had a glorious summer of coolness and now look forward to my new hi efficiency furnace heating my home all winter. I also got a humidifier and air purifier and I really feel like the air quality in my home could not be better. These guys made me trust them and for good reason. I highly recommend George and Cy and the team at Spring home. And I am a picky customer who is not easy to please.

Sarah Haywood,Toronto
October 8th, 2010

A/C Service

I have my new air conditioner this summer. Spring Home came and did a great job. They enlarge my venting to accomodate the larger blower fan. My home is much cooler this summer especillay the second floor. Very good price and great service.

October 5th, 2010

Furnace, A/C and Thermostat Installation

It all started with Cy visiting my place for an in-home consultation. First, he took at look at the area where my furnace was situated. As my basement was fully finished (by the previous owner) and my furance enclosed in a small room, there was not a lot of space to reconfigure or move things around, as my current furnace was relatively small as it is (even though it was 40 years old). Cy judged the size of my house vs. the necessary size/power of the furnace and AC, and was straightfoward and honest with me on what size I actually required, and when I asked whether it would be worth going to the next model of A/C, rather than trying to upsell me he was very forthcoming in saying that it wouldn't be a wise investment in moving to the next level (i.e. it was a waste of money) I had asked a lot of questions and Cy was able to answer them all for me. The pricing was very fair, and compared favourably to their competition. I ended up going with the American Standard Freedom 95 two stage modulating and the Allegiance 15 A/C, along with the Desert Spring humidifier. I decided to go with a standard 1 inch filter as it looked like a tight fit and some duct work to be redone if I went with an Accuclean (I may consider changing this later though) The morning of the install, the 2 technicians (whom already I had met during a visit courtesy of Cy and George earlier in the week to help me free of charge to locate and fix a leak) arrived in the morning before 10am. They quickly set up plastic sheets to protect my flooring, and were at work immediately on removing my old HVAC system. This included vacuuming of the area of my old furnace once it was removed before starting the new install. They were able to determine with relative ease the best location outdoors to drill holes for the fresh air intake pipes, only having to make one small hole in my drywall in my kitchen to view what was up above the ceiling drywall (which they covered nicely with a small metal vent cover). Everything went very smoothly with the installation itself. A 3rd technician arrived after dinner to do all the electrical work and thermostat installation. Overall they were there for close to 10 hours, and worked hard throughout. There was a slight mixup in badging with my A/C (was badged as a 13 instead of a 15), so George, the main technical lead at Spring home, rushed over to sort this out (by checking the compressor model to verify it was in fact a 15). I was impressed by the way this was handled. He also checked on his technicians and was pleased with the work that had been done so far. After everything was done the place was left spotless, and the electrical technician briefly described the working of the thermostat system, which was helpful. I must say, the job the 3 technicians did was one of the best, most professional jobs I've ever encountered. I could tell these 3 had a lot of experience doing what they did. And this was with very little space to work with due to the finished basement. Everything from the sales process with Cy, to the finished product went very well. They've also promised to visit me closer to winter to test and recalibrate (if necessary) my furnace for optimal function. Thanks again Spring Home!

October 3rd, 2010

Furnace and Air Cleaner Installation

Cy was a pleasure to deal with. From the quote process I was impressed by the thoroughness of Cy's quote as well as the time he took to explain the various options for the furnace replacement. He then followed up with excellent service, helping arrange an expedited home energy audit, and installation the next day. The installers were very profession. From taking care to use runners to protect the carpet to the quality of their installation/duct work, right down to the thorough cleanup after they were done. This was again followed up by call from Cy to ensure everything was done perfectly, which it was.

October 3rd, 2010

A/C Installation

Was in the market to replace a 25 year old air conditioner that was leaking condensation all over the furnace. Phoned three contractors in my area (North York) and Cy was the first company to react. He assessed the job on site, discussed in detail the work and the American Standard unit that he recommended, and checked the furnace for any water damage. He gave me a competitive quotation and installed the cooling unit and humidifier five days later. The next day's followup phone call by Cy gave me the reinsurance and confidence that I had selected the right contractor. Bill

M.Meyer,North York
September 29th, 2010

A/C Installation

We had to replace a very old AC unit. Many contractors wouldn't even bother with a site visit. Cy came out, was very friendly and knowledgeable. He followed up with me while I was still getting quotes but wasn't pushy. I'm very pleased with our unit and the service and would happily recommend this company.

Arun,North York
September 29th, 2010

Furnace, Air Conditioner, Humidifier, Hot Water Tank Installation

George and Cy were a pleasure to deal with. Installation was good. Had a mis-communication with one of the installers, which Cy and George resolved quickly. With HVAC stuff there are many places that sell the same product, its the installation and support that matter - Spring Home had great installation and support.

September 11th, 2010
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