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Furnace and A/C Installation

We had my new Lennox home comfort system (high efficiency furnace and AC, 5" filter, and humidifier) installed last Aug 21, 2011 by Spring home heating and cooling systems courtesy of Mr. Cy Goh. We needed a new furnace as my 30+ y/o furnace needs a replacement and we wanted to take advantage of the government rebate. He gave me a very competitive quote. I got multiple quotes from different companies but its no where close to what Cy had given me, especially with their 5 year labor warranty. He was very professional and knowledgeable when it comes heating and cooling unlike other salesperson. I called him and ask him if he could come right away and he was in front of my house within 2-3 hours later. After a week of pondering, we decided it was Cy and his team that we wanted to do business with. They are very accommodating to our request to do the job on a Sunday. And one more thing, they did all the paper works for the government and manufacturer's rebate and the warranty registration. The technicians arrive on time and did the installation very well and before they do any modification to our house, they would ask first and explain the job. Though it took longer than expected because of the rain outside, the three technicians tarp the flooring before starting their work and did the clean up afterwards. Overall, I am very satisfied with Cy and his team and definitely would recommend them to anybody. Thank you Spring home heating and cooling systems and definitely would do business with them in the future

September 9th, 2011

Furnace and A/C Installation

We decided to replace our 23 year old Lennox furnace and air conditioning, although they were working fine, because of the government grants available and the cost savings of more efficient units. Having found the Homestars website, we were able to identify 5 good contractors each with 100+ excellent ratings in order to get competitive quotes. We met with Cy Goh from Spring Home for about 2 hours. He arrived precisely on time for the appointment, and was very knowledgable about the alternative systems available from Lennox and American Standard and the proper installation process. He also was very knowledgable about the various grants available and the procedures necessary to obtain them, including (at our request) providing us with the name of a good ecoEnergy service organixation to carry our our ecoEnergy audit as part of the Federal grant process. As questions arose, incuding as a result of meeting with other contractors, Cy very promptly responded to our questions by either email or phone within a couple of hours. In the end we were extremely confident in Cy and Spring Home and their competence and responsiveness and decided to hire them to do the installation, noting that the installation is 60% of the cost on a new system. The system we selected is a top of the line Lennox system, being the SLP98 furnace (which is up to 98.2% efficient due to its large range of variable speed outputs), and the XC17 air conditioning which comes with the iComfort control panel (very easy to read and to program) and is Solar ready (for when this becomes cost effective). We also purchased a filter and humidifier. The reason we chose the top of the line model was that there was a bigger special rebate from Lennox on their more expensive models compared to their better models, so that the price differential was only about $1,000 for the top of the line model. One of the other contractors was also a Lennox dealer and the pricing and recommended alternative systems were more or less exactly the same. We decided to go with Spring Home for the reasons stated above, and also that they are based nearby in Markham. The total cost was $10,600 plus HST of 13%, which totals to $12,000. Against this we will receive a Federal grant of $900, an OPA grant of $650 and a Lennox rebate of $1,100. So our net cost is $9,350. Spring Home will deal with the paperwork for the Lennox and OPA grants, and we have to claim the Federal grant ourselves. The installation was scheduled for the following week after our signing the contract. Again the Spring Home people arrived exactly on time at 9:30 am, three of them. They were very tidy and worked quietly and efficiently for the rest of the day. Sheets were put down to protect our flooring and to prevent mess. Several times they spoke to us to explain and discuss issues including the location of piping and the air conditioning unit. After they completed the work they provided us with the instruction manuals and gave us a quick tour of the system and showed us how to use the iControl panel. We also completed a customer satisfaction survey for the installers. Overall we could not have been more pleased with Spring Home and we would happliy recommend them to others. It is a major home purchase that you only make once or twice in a lifetime, and we became very confident that it would go well - and it did. A week or so after the installation, Cy contacted us again to make sure we were happy with everything and that there were no problems, which is a really nice and comforting step. As he said during the selection process, the purchase is only the beginning of the customer relationship. And they will also come in November/December when it gets cold to check that our furnace settings are proper and that it is functioning efficiently. Of note, the warranty on the system is generally 10 years on all parts (from Lennox) and 5 years on labour (from Spring Home) - which we understand is standard. There are no annual service calls to pay for in order to keep these warranties in force, although a service call at least every two years or so is recommened by Spring Home.

Michael,Richmond Hill
September 7th, 2011

Furnace and A/C Installation

It took us a while to write this review since we've been so busy enjoying our new heating and cooling system installed by Spring Home. We had our new furnace and ac installed during one of the coldest days in the winter and the guys didn't stop working outside and inside. We were quite impressed. I was a bit worried that the AC wouldn't work properly once summer came along since it was installed in the dead of winter...but nope! Once summer came, we just turned on the AC and everything worked perfectly. We also had a humidifier installed and thought there was an issue with it and called Cy. He sent someone to come look at in that same day! Turns out there was no issue at all. We feel safe to know that if there were any issues in the future that Spring Home would take good care of us. They have excellent customer service and I think that sets them apart from the other companies.

Rita,,Richmond Hill
September 4th, 2011

A/C Installation

Had our AC replace and installed. Cy was very knowledable and recommended a couple of options for us. The install was finish in 6hrs. It was done professionally and very clean. I am a happy customer and would highly recommend their services. I will be coming back for other services. Thanks!

Kongee_man, East York
August 25th, 2011

Lennox Furnace and A/C Installation

Our 95yr old home had a furnace but the last known service sticker was 1983, we just had our first child and didn't want to risk another winter in the house with a potential furnace failure. My wife recently on maternity leave wanted the home to be Air Conditioned for the heat was too much for her and the new born. Needless to say we needed a full Furnace/A/C install for this old home, and I set out to see the top rated companies in Homestars plus a couple of more recomendations from friends. Eight quotes later I made the selection process late on a Wednesday with the wife, the night before th hottest day on record in TO. Spring Home won over the others because of Cy's personal sales style to George's ability to explain the technical side in simple terms - Price didn't hurt either. Spring Home also offered to arrange for the Energy Audit early the next day and 3 of their crew came on the hottest day on record to install the A/C and replace the old furnace with a new quality all Lennox system. They also managed to do some minor duct work (reconnect return) and under their recomendation improved the main supply duct to increase flow to most of the home. They finished all of this in one day, maintained a clean workspace and disposed of the old furnace properly. That evening my wife and new born slept in a cool home without fear of the heatwave (there was back up plans to stay at my sister's A/C place). Overall the experience with Spring Home was very pleasant and I would certainly recommend them to others looking for HVAC solutions for their home.

August 23rd, 2011

A/C, Hot Water Tank Replacement and Fixing of Venting

I found Spring Home through Homestars after a disheartening couple of quotes to replace an AC failure (during the start of a heatwave) by major utility company contractors. One of whom led off with "I'll tell you right now we're not going to be competitive on price, because we don't have to be". The third company I called (a large company which does frequent work in my neighbourhood) never even returned my phone call (until two weeks later). Cy came out personally within a couple hours of my calling, on a Saturday, and turned a quote around immediately. He took - by far - the most time to review our air conditioner, furnace room, and ducting to inform his detailed quote. Cy also immediately pointed out a ventilation issue with our furnace (which we knew about) but also a critical ducting mistake involving our hot water tank that no home inspector, contractor or service technician had noticed in the six years since we purchased the house (the exhaust to a quite old gas water tank wasn't actually connected to anything... hardly an "esoteric" issue to spot once you knew what you were looking at). Cy quoted on a range of options for each issue at different price points - including simple temporary solutions to the issues other than the AC since that was all we had called him on originally. At no point did I feel he was trying to "upsell" us other than pointing out there were economic efficiencies to doing all the work at once (it all involved the same ductwork to the outside). Especially welcome was the time Cy took to make very clear I understood where an access hole would have to be cut in the ceiling to perform the work, so that there were no surprises. Within three days of my first call (again during the first major heatwave of the Summer in Toronto, when they were no doubt swamped with calls) Spring Home was able to install a new high efficiency AC unit, replace our hot water tank, and fix the various venting issues all in a single day. The total cost of all that work (including purchasing a new hot water tank outright) was still less than one of the quotes I had received to just replace the AC. The install team was diligent and focused - showing up *exactly* on time (something I really appreciate when I have to take time off work to wait for contractors). They made a point of explaining what they had done and were very clear with instructions and manuals when they were leaving (another pet peeve). The quality of the work appears to be top notch (I'm not going to claim any deep knowledge of AC installation) but looks much more sturdy and clean than work neighbouring units have had done (holes were patched properly, the unit was properly levelled with a concrete pad, joints and cables are all nicely tied and neatly routed. The crew were careful to use drop cloths inside the house - etc. Even the much feared "hole in the ceiling" was very minimal and the team made sure I knew where they had tucked away the cut out piece to make repair a much simpler affair (they even put a temporary gate over it to clean it up appearance wise until I could get around to repairing it properly. Finally - Spring Home clearly has a well developed system of checklists, reviews, follow up calls, and customer surveys to try and ensure that their work is done to a consistently high standard. Cy was always available throughout and very prompt to return phone calls and e-mails. I absolutely would not hesitate to recommend Spring Home (and have done so already). Part of me thinks that a "10/10" review should be for some extraordinary act - but I can't honestly think of a single (reasonable) thing that they could have done to make an unpleasant experience like replacing a failed air conditioner as painless as possible.

Brad,,East York
August 18th, 2011

Furnace and A/C Installation

Had two estimates, one from a very old established company. Spring Home's quote was slightly lower but went with them primarily on the strong reviews in here in HomeStars (and because they are located very close to my workplace in case anything went wrong!). I need not have worried, Cy was both down to earth and professional. I can't say enough good things about him and his technicians. Suffice to say I am very happy with the outcome and definitly recommend them. I will surely use S.H. for repairs and maintenance should the need arise. I also wish to thank HomeStars for this venue that allowed me to find this company.

Tom,East York
August 15th, 2011

Air Conditioning Service

I contacted Spring Home Heating and Cooling on a recommendation from my roofing contractor. I needed to remove and service my roof mounted, non-functioning AC unit while re-roofing my home and return it once completed. Cy and the Spring Home team were great to work with on this very small but time critical job. Fantastic communication, easy to schedule and a detailed professional technician arriving on time at your door. Can’t ask for much better than that, I will be calling Cy first for my future Heating and Cooling needs.

August 11th, 2011

Furnace and A/C Replacement

We had Spring Home replace our gas furnace and central AC. Our existing central AC had died, and originally we thought we might replace it with a ductless system for more direct cooling where we needed it. But, for what we wanted, it would be an expensive proposition. Cy from Spring Home explained the benefits if we went with a new high efficiency, central system. We decided to replace the furnace at the same time to get full benefit and also take advantage of the various rebates available (the price noted in this review does not include the rebates we are getting). The Spring Home technicians did a great job. They clearly know what they're doing. They worked efficiently and the installation looks very neat and clean. They also laid down a cloth from the front door to the basement, which was a nice touch. We're very happy with the performance of the new system (Cy followed-up to ensure that). No regrets going with Spring Home

Karl Martin,Toronto
August 9th, 2011

Oil to Gas Conversion

Spring Home has done great job of replacing my pre-historic oil furnace with new gas high efficiency furnace, plus replacing an old AC with new unit, both Tempstar. They removed the old heavy furnace from my basement, and disposed of the old AC as well. Since it's mid summer, the new AC made a huge difference, now I can cool my house in under 45 minutes down to 23C from 27C (old AC would run all day and temp would budge by 1 degree at most). I also got Desert Spring flow though humidifier, with electronically controlled valve, way better and cleaner than the old drum unit. I am happy with the results, and appreciate the effort they put in, I realize that the installation was complicated one because my house is 60 years old and has weird and unusual duct setup and furnace positioning, and because the house is semi-detached, it required running the gas line through the bathroom, to the furnace from the meter on the external wall, was complicated too. I'm happy with results, the gas meter is neatly hidden behind the hedge, and the exhaust/intake pipes exit at the back of my house, so the front of the house didn't get spoiled by ugly pipes sticking out of the front wall. I hope it will be cheaper to heat my home in winter after getting rid of the oil furnace (and the 900 Liter oil tank along with it).

July 27th, 2011
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