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Furnace and A/C Installation

Replaced our over 20-year-old Lennox furnace and AC with a more energy efficient system in order to take advantage of the government rebates. Lennox was offering rebates for their modulating furnace slp 98V so we decided on it plus the Lennox XC 14 and we got a free humidifier to go with them. The price quote $7600 doesn't include HST or the rebates( rebates from Lennox and government should amount to $2215). Overall the installation went great and the technicians,Gary and Peter , were professional and did their job efficiently. Cy the contact person was informative , explained our options and answered all our questions. The main reason why we decided to hire Spring Home was because we felt we could trust them to do a good installation and count on them for after sale service. They will come back in winter to check the operation of the furnace and in summer the AC. We figured all those good reviews got to mean something. We weren't disappointed at all after the installation. I would recommend SpringHome to others for sure. As for the modulating furnace it is very quiet and does take care of cold spots in the house.The icomfort touch thermostat that came with the furnace is sleek and easy to use. All in all we are happy with Spring Home heating& Cooling !

Rita,Richmond Hill
October 28th, 2011

Furnace Service

I hired Spring Home Heating to replaced my over 30 years furnace and air conditioner last year. They did an excellent job and I did save a lot $$ last winter and this summer. Last evening I felt that my house was cold and found that the furnac was not working...called the service line and George came to my house in half hour ( 9PM, actually, i thought that he would not come last evening becaue i called him 8:30PM, and it was not an emergency. ). It's an user error, i didnot set up the thermostat program properly. George was very patient and went throug all settings with me. Excellent service, quick response, excellent value... I wil highly recommend Spring Home to my friends and families

October 6th, 2011

Furnace and A/C Installation

Very professional work. The crew was excellent, I would highly recommend Spring Home Heating and Cooling Systems Inc. One tip - get second and third opinions on the size of equipment you would require.

October 2nd, 2011

Furnace and Air Filteration System, Duct Work and Hot Water Heater Relocation

The work that we needed was a bit more challenging than just changing a Furnace. We needed to do duct work to an addition that was built 3 years ago, main floor and basement, we were not looking on replacing the Furnace, but decided to do so after receiving multiple quotes and different solutions, plus you can take advantage of the rebates. Because my AC was Carrier, we were predispose on going with a Carrier Furnace, but after doing more research and having different companies explained the benefits of Lennox SLP98 and Carrier Infinity, we decided that either one will do a great job. We reduced our selection to 3 companies, and we honestly think that any of them would have made a great job. We asked the final 3 to meet with me one more time to go over the duct work, furnace and air filter installation, and relocation of water tank (necessary to accommodate the air filter), all of them were very kind to meet with me and explained again the work and the quote, in that second meeting we asked if that was their best price, all 3 companies decided to install a new humidifier as part of the deal. At the end, the 3 companies were very similar in price and products, but we decided to call back Cy from spring home to do the work, so he was kind enough to come back a 3rd time with George to do a review of the work and to sign the contract and get the initial deposit. The work was done the weekend of Sep 16 to the 18. ** Duct Work - Main Floor: Replaced 2 existing suppliers (4 inches each) with 3 main suppliers (6 inches each). Add a Return Air close to that new section. Relocate existing supplier to a different area. -Basement: Add 3 suppliers (5 inches each) to the basement area. I was a bit disappointed that George - as the expert for ducting - did not showed up at any time during or after the installation. Hopefully we will have a more pleasant winter time in the new addition with the new duct. ** Furnace and Air Filter Installation: -They uninstall the old one, installed the new furnace, air filter, water pump that was included in the price, as part of the deal they also installed a new Humidifier. 2 covers were missing for the ventilation pipes; Cy installed those covers after a week, because they did not had them in stock. ** Water tank relocation: -Change the chimney liner to 4 inches; relocate the gas pipe, cold and hot water pipes. Overall did a good job, but I believe they could have done a better job with the relocation of the hot water, I already bumped my head with that hot water pipe. In addition, I just find out today Thursday sep 29 that when they move the gas pipe, somehow the pilot for my fireplace was turnoff, good thing that I had a company that is coming today to provide maintenance to my montigo fireplace. ** Technician, Time and Tidiness: - George scheduled 2 days of work over the weekend (Fri and Sat), it end up being 3 full days (Sunday included) - unfortunately the technicians were not shipshape, yes they had a cloth from the main entrance to the basement, but the cloth was always full of dust/small debris for 3 days, and it is not fun when you have young kids at home – At the end of the 3rd day, they clean up most of the areas, but left the back of the washer and dryer with lots of dust and Debris. They did some work in the laundry area and they did not cover the washer nor the dryer, dust and debris went inside the washer causing major damages (we found out a week later when we went to do laundry), we were planning on buying a new laundry pair in December, and because of this incident we went and buy a new washer and dryer sooner than later. At times you could hear them shouting between each other, is very uncomfortable, especially if you have young kids taking naps. I suggested to Cy buying a pair of radio devices so they can communicate with each other if they are in different areas. It was a challenge to talk with the Technicians because of the language barriers, in particular to some changes that took place while they were doing the work. ** Final Payment: work finished on Sunday, and Cy came on Monday to collect the outstanding balance, and because I am not an expert I asked a few question regarding the job that was performed over the weekend, I was not complaining, just asking questions, but I think he had a bad day and he was in the defensive side for a few minutes, the answers from Cy that day were somewhat disappointed, and maybe George was the person to address those questions, but he never came back. ** Spring Home feedback: as an acknowledgement of their faults, Cy apologized many times and offered us 2 free professional maintenance for our furnace, and he also send us some desserts – nice touch, although it was not our intentions to ask for anything. One thing I have to say that Cy is always trying to make the customer happy, I hope spring home will take some corrective actions for future customers, they are always looking for customer satisfaction, there is always room to improve, this is just our feedback and our experience, if we had to do all over again, I have no doubt that I would have chosen them again, we are looking forward to continue using Spring Home as our cooling and heating solution provider.

September 29th, 2011

Furnace and A/C Installation

Frankly I do not have much time comparing prices as we are so busy with young kids. However, the management of the company (owner and sales manager) is very approachable. Very impressive business people, professional in the way they present themselves, very patient in answering questions and giving recommendations, and shows great care about customer service. The work men know their jobs very well, with no supervision needed. They said they will come back before winter time to check if everything is okay about the new furnace ,which is very considerate. And they helped me through the process of getting my precious rebates as they promised. It's been a very smooth and happy experience, so far so good.I think I would like to recommend to my friends the service from this company.

September 26th, 2011

A/C Installation x 2

 called Cy and his team based on reviews on Homestars. I was not disappointed. His pricing was very competitive, he answered all my questions, they came on time and they installed the air conditioner professionally and neatly. It's one thing to install a unit professionally so it works, it's another to install in neatly. I find many contractors do the minimum to get the job done. Spring Home goes beyond that. A few little things that were overlooked by a previous installation were fixed by them. After having such a good experience in my tenanted unit, I called Cy to help my mother out. He came late in the evening and I really appreciated it as my mother is aging and she was having difficulty with the warmer temperatures. I advised my mother to go ahead with Spring Home and they did the job right and came when they said. I have nothing by great things to say about them. Highly recommended. They with have my business in the future too. Thank you Cy and Spring Home!


Furnace and A/C Installation

This is was done in mid August 2011, took me a while to write this review. We replace our furnace and ac. We went to the office and got some info and Cy called us the very same day. He came to our home i think the next day and explained all the rebates, the different brands they carry, the different models, basically everything you need to know. Cy Spent a lot of time at our home explaining and making sure we had all the information we needed, which we really appreciated. We had gone to a couple of different retailers but found Cy's approach, knowledge, honesty, price and Spring Home's service (not to mention their reviews) to be the best. The technician guys came in, did the job, answered all our questions, and cleaned up the place when they were done. You can't go wrong with Spring Home, great price great service.

September 19th, 2011

A/C Installation

Spring Home Heating and Cooling Systems have done an excellent job in installing two pairs of heating and Air conditioning systems to our home in August 2011. They were always prompt, clean, courteous and knowledgeable. I strongly recommend their service.

B. Dortek,Markham
September 15th, 2011

A/C Installation

Cy and his team were not only very professional to deal with, but they were so friendly and extremely knowledgable. He and one of his specialists, George, came by a number of times to address issues that were a little unusual to figure out a solution and came for free. They worked extremely hard to get a new air conditioning unit in an awkward space and, when experienced an issue with the unit itself worked a significant amount of overtime to get it done for our family. We have now decided to use Cy's company as our boiler maintenance company anually and they are just as knowledgable and professional. I would recommend this company to anyone!

Liz Edge,,Toronto
September 13th, 2011

A/C Service

The central AC in my home was not working properly, it was not providing almost any cold air. After replacing its filter, the air flow inproved, but still not enough cold air coming out the vents. Contacted Spring Home and they sent a technician right away. The service was fast and professional and the diagnostic was accurate. My issue seems to have been caused due to a lack of Freon in the unit. The Technician put gas, and right after was able to feel the cold air coming out. This was an outstanding service. Now the temperature inside the house is great, we can forget about the hot weather outside. Thanks Spring Home.... Keep the good work!

Sorel,,Richmond Hill
September 12th, 2011
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